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With many of the best companies in Defense, Aerospace, RF/Microwave and Related Industries. Find security clearance jobs with DefenseTalent.

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Are you currently seeing a reasonable flow of candidates from your traditional job postings? Are they the right candidates, the best candidates? What's the impact to your business between hiring someone that found your posting and hiring the best candidate?

Many of the best candidates are currently employed, maybe by your competitors, and will likely never see your job postings.*

How do you get your career opportunity message to the right audience at the right time? How do you ensure that the best qualified people see your job postings?

Answer: Recruit Assist at DefenseTalent.

At DefenseTalent we take a proactive approach. Using Recruit Assist technology DefenseTalent gets your job opportunity in front of qualified people.

Let us help you find the best people.

The DefenseTalent Recruit Assist process matches your job posting requirements to our proprietary database of over 4.5 million active and passive candidates (over 200,000 with clearances). DefenseTalent contacts these qualified, prospective candidates with information about your job opportunity.

The Result: Recruit Assist drives qualified candidates to your postings.

Get qualified candidates viewing and applying to your job postings today, with Recruit Assist at DefenseTalent.

* Research has shown that less than 30% of the work force visits job boards or proactively searches for job opportunities. By posting a job you are hoping the "right" person will see it at the right time and be interested enough to read it and apply.