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How to write resumes and apply for jobs.

Secrets to writing a good Resume

Clearance level and citizenship status should be in bold just after your name and contact information. This will give the reader a reason to continue reading your resume.

Include dates, GPA, and the institutions attended.

Your 'Objective" must be clear and concise well thought out. Just to say something standard I would like to work for a progressive company where I can grow just is not enough to interest the reader.

The body of the text is your experience plus giving reasons for leaving past employers.

Hobbies, special outside activities should be listed. If you parachute, mountain climb, race competitively or are involved in perceived risky activities would be better left out of the resume.

References should consist of previous supervisors, piers and people who have reported to you. Make sure to ask their permission to use them as a reference.

Secrets of Applying for Positions and getting a response:

Prepare a cover letter for each position briefly summarizing why you are a fit for every position.

Apply to only the positions you are fully qualified for:

If the position calls for a Masters degree and you have a BS you are not qualified.

If the position calls for a secret clearance and you do not possess the type required you are not qualified.

If you have had a recent security clearance and or are an American Citizen in good standing you might apply if you are a "perfect fit in all other areas".

If the position calls for a U.S. citizenship and you are not a citizen you are not qualified.

A common mistake is to apply for positions you are not qualified for. You will rapidly gain the reparation for wasting recruiter's time and you could become black listed.

Today we are in a job seekers market but be careful not to ask and get too compensation because in this job market the tides change and the overpriced go first if there are cutbacks or a market turndown. Six month out of work could erase all you have gained.

The staff at the DTN wishes you the best in your search for a new opportunity.

Please contact us if you have questions.